2019-05-06 ON4OFF Projekt Referenzmodell Use Cases Morris Riedel 0

ON4OFF Projekt – Referenzmodell Use Cases

ON4OFF Projekt – Referenzmodell Use Cases ON4OFF Use Cases Workshop Adesso, Essen Germany 2019-05-06 [ Slides ~2.79 MB (pdf) ] #ON4OFF Project @paluno_se @adessoAG @INtelegenceGmbH @fz_juelich ProXperts @ProfHeinemann discuss virtual smell & #Retail #MachineLearning reference model for @PieperBeauty via Modular HPC by @fzj_jsc @Haskoli_Islands @uisens @uni_iceland @DEEPprojects – https://t.co/xCDitaxS71 pic.twitter.com/Tgx30CgKVN — Morris Riedel (@MorrisRiedel) May 6, 2019

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Retail Analytics

Retail Analytics Kuenstliche Intelligenz Links (German Language) Strategie Künstliche Intelligenz der Bundesregierung, November 2018 [ MORE ] ON4OFF EU EFRE Project ON4OFF Team @PieperBeauty @paluno_se @adessoAG @INtelegenceGmbH @fz_juelich & ProXperts discuss with @ProfHeinemann using #ArtificialIntelligence in #Retail via #NLP & #ModularSupercomputing by @DEEPprojects @fzj_jsc @Haskoli_Islands @uisens @uni_iceland – https://t.co/xal4kRdWcy pic.twitter.com/kPIvhOQp5a — Morris Riedel (@MorrisRiedel) March 20, 2019 ON4OFF Project Team @paluno_se @adessoAG @INtelegenceGmbH @fz_juelich & ProXperts discuss with @ProfHeinemann selected #Retail use cases for @PieperBeauty using #MachineLearning & #DeepLearning with Modular Supercomputing driven by @fzj_jsc @Haskoli_Islands @uisens @uni_iceland pic.twitter.com/a5HtTTY4nb — Morris Riedel (@MorrisRiedel) March 7, 2019 ON4OFF Project Team @adessoAG...