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AI in Cancer Research

AI in Cancer Research Online Links Nature Research: Big Data takes on Cancer [ MORE ] Extracts new meaning from large clinical and molecular datasets using machine learning and data science technologies Explains that people that did not studied cancer can make a difference as Artificial Intelligence (AI) researcher Suggests that algorithmic AI models could extract more insights from the clinical records Discusses how machine learning could detect tumours at an earlier stage and offer personalized treatment recommendations Parse patient medical reports and develops new deep learning methods to interpret diagnostic images Implements one tool for clinical practice as a...

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Helmholtz Artificial Intelligence Cooperation Unit

Helmholtz Artificial Intelligence Cooperation Unit (HAICU) HAICU Official Web Page HAICU Web Page [ MORE ] Social Media F. Theis @fabian_theis starts our @helmholtz_de @helmholtz_en Artificial Intelligence Cooperation Unit @helmholtz_ai event & T. Dickscheid explains modular supercomputing by @fzj_jsc @fz_juelich @DEEPprojects @Haskoli_Islands – see: — Morris Riedel (@MorrisRiedel) April 12, 2019

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Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) Smart Medical Information Technology for Healthcare (SMITH) Project SMITH Project Web Page [ MORE ] Online Links Eazzy Medicine on ARDS [ MORE ] Selected ARDS Facts Also called noncardiogenic pulmonary edema Selected Pulmonary Edema Facts Acute medical emergency due to an increase in pulmonary capillary venous pressure Leads to fluid in the alveoli usually due to acute left ventricular failure Selected Pulmonology Facts Pulmonology is considered a subspecialty of internal Medicine related to lungs A pulmonologist is a medical doctor that has specialized knowledge and skill in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions and...

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Research – Overview

Research Areas Research of the high productivity data processing research group at Forschungszentrum Juelich – Juelich Supercomputing Centre and University of Iceland focuses on application-driven parallel and scalable machine learning methods including related areas such as feature engineering, statistical data mining, and innovative deep learning techniques. In our projects we are cooperating with academic research groups worldside as well as with selected industry companies including the support of start-ups. Additional funding sources are the European Union or the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. If you are interested in one of these research topics please contact me by email...

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DBSCAN Parallel & Scalable DBSCAN Goetz, M., Bodenstein, C., Riedel, M.: HPDBSCAN – Highly Parallel DBSCAN, in conference proceedings of ACM/IEEE International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis (SC 2015), Machine Learning in HPC Environments (MLHPC 2015) Workshop, November 15-20, 2015, Austin, Texas, USA [ EVENT ] [ DOI ] [ JUSER ] [ RESEARCHGATE ] [ MORE ] Open source available: Download DBSCAN Applications Bodenstein, C., Goetz, M., Jansen, A., Scholz, H., Riedel, M.: Automatic Object Detection using DBSCAN for Counting Intoxicated Flies in the FLORIDA Assay, in conference proceedings of the 15th IEEE International Conference...

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Retail Analytics

Retail Analytics Kuenstliche Intelligenz Links (German Language) Strategie Künstliche Intelligenz der Bundesregierung, November 2018 [ MORE ] ON4OFF EU EFRE Project ON4OFF Project Web Page, June 2019 [ MORE ] Todays @fz_juelich newsletter includes a link to a press release about the #ON4OFF project for #MachineLearning in retail by @fzj_jsc @paluno_se @adessoAG @INtelegenceGmbH ProXperts @ProfHeinemann @PieperBeauty – press: – Web page: — Morris Riedel (@MorrisRiedel) June 7, 2019 Adesso AG Cologne business talk about #MachineLearning in #ON4OFF Project by @adessoAG @INtelegenceGmbH @fz_juelich ProXperts @ProfHeinemann @PieperBeauty using @helmholtz_ai & modular HPC by @fzj_jsc @Haskoli_Islands @uisens @uni_iceland @DEEPprojects –...

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Fog Detection using Deep Learning

Fog Detection using Deep Learning See also Research activities driven by Ernir Erlingsson: 2018-12-03 Workshop @ Jülich Supercomputing Centre, Germany Welcome Address – Juelich Supercomputing Centre (Morris Riedel) Slides PDF (10,2 MB) KNMI Data Lab (Jan Willem Noteboom) Slides PDF (7,3 MB) Fog Detection from Camera Images Experiences at KNMI (Andrea Pagani) Slides PDF (5,8 MB) DEEP-EST EU Project & JSC (Ernir Erlingsson) Slides PDF (9,5 MB) Research Results: To be published shortly Research Results to be published shortly #DeepLearning Practice & Experience: Deep Learning & Fog Detection – Research of PhD student E. Erlingsson @ernire, J. W. Noteboom...

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Markov Chain

Markov Chain Interesting Links (pdf) Nice introduction to Markov Chains with good examples like ‘a man walks in a small town’ changing randomly at corners his direction and many other good examples like ‘weather in different cities’ and good mathematical descriptions.

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Deep Learning

Deep Learning Deep Learning Research Fog Detection using Deep Learning Research activities of PhD Student Ernir Erlingsson under the umbrella of the DEEP-EST EU Project. Interesting Deep Learning Links Page of the cross-sectional team deep learning of the Juelich Supercomputing Centre in Germany. Interesting introduction to Deep Neural Networks (Deep Learning) including use cases and choosing related networks. Long-Short Term Memory (LSTM) Regularization Links Interesting short tutorial on how to use regularization with LSTM models that often overfit training data lowering predictive performance. It covers a Shampoo Sales dataset example, experimental test harness, bias weight and input...

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Big Data

Big Data Interesting Links Center of Excellences drive the development and evolution of all aspects of Big Data. Big Data Interest Group (IG) of the Research Data Alliance (RDA) with interesting topics around big data and its processing. Selected short but informative articles about big data and machine learning topics. Big Data Values Association (BDVA) that is the private counterpart to the EU Commission to implement the BDV PPP programme (Big Data Value Private-Public Partnership).